SPICERS (EASTERN AFRICA) LIMITED has been established in Kenya since 1953 during which time we have supplied Printing and Packaging Equipment to virtually all of the established Printers and Packaging companies throughout the East Africa Region.

We are the sole East African Agents / Distributors for some of the world's leading equipment manufacturers, all of whom, we have worked with for over 25 years.


  • All-Fill (UK)
    All-Fill (UK)
  • Dainippon Screen (Japan)
    Dainippon Screen (Japan)
  • Domino Ltd (UK)
    Domino Ltd (UK)
  • E-Packaging (Italy)
    E-Packaging (Italy)
  • Fuji Film
    Fuji Film
  • Goss Graphic (USA and UK)
    Goss Graphic (USA and UK)
  • IC Filling Systems (UK and Italy)
    IC Filling Systems (UK and Italy)
  • ISP Interlake (USA)
    ISP Interlake (USA)
  • Masek (Czech Republic)
    Masek (Czech Republic)
  • MBO (Germany)
    MBO (Germany)
  • Muller Martini (USA and Switzerland)
    Muller Martini (USA and Switzerland)
  • Nesbad (Israel)
    Nesbad (Israel)
  • Ovit (Italy)
    Ovit (Italy)
  • Rollem Ltd (UK)
    Rollem Ltd (UK)
  • Ryobi Ltd (Japan)
    Ryobi Ltd (Japan)
  • Schneider Senator (Germany)
    Schneider Senator (Germany)
  • Steinnemann (Switzerland)
    Steinnemann (Switzerland)
  • Universal (UK)
    Universal (UK)